VR Dome offering ‘floor-to-ceiling’ projection is revealed

A floor-to-ceiling VR Dome has been presented by Laduma creative agency which won an award in creativity competition. The unveiled VR is regarded as a unique and extraordinary invention in the world of technology.

CaVRn was displayed by the agency at HIMSS medical convention situated in Las Vegas. It was probably the largest medical IT event that ever happen.

The new VR Dome puts many people in a position of passing through a door and finding themselves in a new word without requiring the use of headsets.

The invention was achieved through long-term collaborations between Laduma and a healthcare group located in the united states called intermountain healthcare.

The CEO of Laduma agency commented by stating that the CaVRn will transform clients’ perspectives regarding the VR technology including how they look at the world. His group was focussed on an idea of joining people rather than separating them an act that the headsets were doing in the virtual reality sector. He acknowledged the fact that their innovation was not the first one but they have brought uniqueness in the whole system. Clients and people will totally get themselves absorbed while using the new VR Dome.

The architect of Intermountain Healthcare in the enterprise and information system sector, Billy Prows, said that they have always encouraged technological collaborations in an effort of ensuring that the healthcare industry gets improved. He said that Laduma’s VR Dome experience placed them in a suitable position of exhibiting several elements of their innovative brand in a totally new version.

The exhibition function made those in attendance to understand how the Intermountain Healthcare has been using the best technological advancement ideas from within in improving the patient’s results.

A collection of films were shown by Laduma, not excluding the TeleHealth platform that made it possible for hospitals located in remote areas to connect with other doctors from various large cities. Furthermore, the arguments which occur in the real-life experiences were displayed for the purposes of engagement development before moving into the dome.

The new VR Dome will be used in many fields that includes the sports sector and tourism among others apart from the medical sector. Partnership programmes between Laduma and these sectors will soon be announced in order to see the CaVRn bring improvements.

A widespread viewing and experience is enabled by projectors that use lasers and the spatial audio devices which permits up to 20 users to share instantly including many more advancements that it contains.

The Vice President for development of business at Laduma, Mike Santiago, said that the innovation came about as a result of many clients and people enquiring about a more developed floor-to-ceiling real VR dome since the one they were using did not meet their expectations. He also explained further the contents of the CaVRn.