New major retailers move into Merry Hill shopping park

The Shopping Park of Merry Hill will soon have two new members on its corridors. Two major retailers have announced that they are going to open huge and modern stores in the shopping center.

The latest acquisitions of the intu Merry Hill are the budget store B&M and the supermarket chain Iceland.

B&M, UK’s largest retailer has bought the biggest space available. The fact that they are going to open a big store means that, from now on, they will have its affordable range of furniture, electrical, furniture and food, and drink goods available at Merry Hill shopping park.

Iceland, on the contrary, has chosen a smaller store. But in reality, the size of both stores does not differ so much.

B&M has agreed on a 15-year lease, while Iceland agreed on a 10-year lease, with products being sourced from sellers including the leading electrical wholesalers Warrington options.

According to Merry Hill, this is nothing but an evidence of the strength and size of the intu Merry Hill. The fact of having among their stores two brands of the importance of B&M and Iceland, nation class brands, it quite beneficial for the center.

This enforces the extension plan the company announced in August this year.

The owner company of intu Merry Hill planned to make an investment of £100 million to transform the center into a huge retailer, capable of outshining its main rival, Manchester’s Trafford Centre.

Apart from opening new locals for new stores, which allowed the opening of B&M and Iceland stores in the Centre, the reform will feature Merry Hill with a new cinema and a bigger leisure area, with a wide variety of restaurants.

The company stated that, since they took ownership of Merry Hill in 2016, they have a huge opportunity to improve the installations, and create value for the customers with a brand-new, extended leisure area, to make sure that the center has a balanced mix of retail, leisure and dining area.

This was planned as a strategy to increase the number of visitors to the center, by making it more comfortable, and able to please the needs and desires of the largest segment of the market.

And the truth is that they have managed to raise the number of customers visiting the center, despite the negative impact electronic commerce has in real shopping centers.

The opening of these two large brands has meant a relieve to the intu Merry Hill, as it might mean the recovery of the investment the company was forced to make after the collapse of major retail chains.

A couple of months after the company made the announcement of their extension project, retail chains such as Toys R Us and Maplin collapsed, and branches as New Look and Prezzo had to close down.

This forced the company to make an investment of £3.9 million to cover the losses.

The company has since focused on growth opportunities, making investments to try to extend the center and improve the installations. The fact that these two major retailers have decided to open a store in their center means that they are growing strong and that the investment plan is somehow working.

The inauguration date of the stores remains unclear, but customers will be able to enjoy the services these two big brands have to offer in no time.