Power Plant

How solar energy is being used to power the UK’s first ‘virtual power station

UK Power Network has recently launched its first Virtual Solar Power Plant in London to add a new dimension to its power generation resources. This virtual power plant will be powered through batteries and domestic solar panels.

First of all, let’s discuss what the Virtual solar power plant actually is a virtual solar power plant is a cloud-based power plant which collects energy from the solar power and batteries which can be used and sold anytime in the future as a source of electricity supply. Previously Unites States, Australia, and Europe have already experimented this mechanism of power generation successfully.

The virtual solar power plant is powered by solar panels and batteries to run the whole mechanism and to generate the solar electricity. Currently, 55+gigawatts electricity is being produced worldwide which is expected to increase by 91 gigawatts by 2019.
London Virtual Solar Power Plant will in aggregate install 40 rooftop batteries of 8KWH capacity. These batteries will be installed on residential buildings across the city.

These batteries will produce 320 KWH of electricity storage which will be supplied to the local domestic users. This is the first time in London’s history that domestic users will use and pay for the virtual solar electricity which is powered by the batteries installed on their rooftop. This will help the domestic users to reduce their electricity bills by 30% and save the money.

The electricity generated through virtual power plants will be used in the peak hours when there is a huge demand for electricity in the city of London. These batteries will be discharged daily for half hour. It will shift the load from the national grid.

London has once again proved that they are the technology leader and can experiment with the new Technic of advancement in innovation and creativity. This is just a trial for 40 houses, if this trial will be successful, it will be expanded to 24,000 public properties and 25,000 private properties by 2019. London’s Power Network is currently providing electricity to its over 8 million consumers.

The idea of virtual solar power plants is really feasible and workable. It can help to reduce the problems being faced by the traditional energy generation resources. It also helps the national grid to provide electricity to the users with stability.

More countries in the world need to follow this exciting idea to counter with the shortage of power generation problems and to provide uninterrupted power supply to their residents with the partnership of their public. It will reduce the financial burden from governments, as the batteries will be installed by participating households.